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Made It Myself TV: The Perfectly Crafty Companion for Homeschool Kids and Parents

Updated: May 22

At a recent Pinners Conference, a Made It Myself TV fan and homeschool parent, Angela, was happy to let us know that Made It Myself TV had become the perfect craft companion for her homeschooled son. Not only were we pleased to hear this, but it made complete and total sense! From woodworking to handicrafts like knitting and crochet to painting and everything in between, Made It Myself TV is proud to offer an exceptional opportunity for children, particularly homeschool kids, to learn an array of new skills within the arts and crafts realm.

Not only do arts and crafts encourage children to be creative and use their imagination, it also helps them to learn so many valuable skills that are important in their development. By incorporating sensory play and art activities into young children’s daily lives (ages 1-5) it engages their senses and develops connections. And the benefits of arts and crafts grow as your children do. As children get older, arts and crafts projects are impeccable learning tools that foster creativity and help in problem solving, critical thinking, and ultimately help in establishing confidence and independence.  

As our friend Angela explained, “Crafts are important for children because it teaches them a skill. You’re really learning hand-eye coordination and you’re learning to focus. It helps him to center himself and crafting something with your own two hands gives them a whole new confidence in themselves. They made that. They contributed and they’re giving somebody something that they made and put thought into.”

By tuning into Made It Myself TV, Angela and her homeschool kids have already implemented a number of the crafts that they've watched on the channel. And she admits that watching it has made her more aware of other handicrafts that she may not be familiar with or want to do, but she knows her children would like to do. 

“It gives me the insights of other crafts that may be beneficial for my children and provides an expert teacher to instruct that craft.”

And we’ve got even more spectacular content coming out soon that is perfect for the homeschool crowd! Sewing Fun 101 hosted by Made It Myself TV featured maker and host of Fabric to Fashion, Angela Wolf, will be guiding us through an array of fun and beginner-friendly sewing projects. More info and an official release date will be announced soon! 

We would also love feedback from you, our viewers, on what existing programming you think would be beneficial for our homeschool viewers or what programming you would like to see added to our current lineup of fun projects, crafts, makers, etc. Also, is there a consistent time during the day that you would like us to run our homeschool-friendly programming on our linear/LIVE channel? Please let us know by taking the quick survey below! 

On Made It Myself TV, you can explore a wide range of craft-tastic videos and video series that are suited perfectly for homeschooling curriculum. Being creative, learning crafts, and understanding the value of making something with your own two hands is vitally important for children as they grow, and we support and facilitate this through our programming every day. 

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We have really wonderful, inspirational videos for Homeschooled kids. We'll be starting an interactive list soon, on this website; please add your fav videos to that list so other Homeschool teachers will be able to easily find good alternatives for their students.

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